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1.5 million units of COVID-19 vaccine to arrive on January 22

1.5 million units of COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Myanmar on January 22 and the government will employ a vaccination program, according to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor of Myanmar.

“To announce good news, we will receive 1.5 million units of COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow (January 22), which is the first batch of vaccine in Myanmar. 1.5 million units are for 750,000 of our people. Each person will receive two vaccines shots-28 days after the first shot. The Ministry of Health and Sports has prepared plans to effectively employ the vaccination program,” she said in her address to the nation on January 22.

The first person who will receive will be health care professionals and volunteers who are fighting the pandemic in the front line, behind them are government officials and member of parliaments, followed by high risky groups and people living in areas placed under stay-home measures.

The first batch of vaccines to arrive in Myanmar is an India-made vaccine called Covidsheild and others are made in other countries, some of which are donated to the country and the rest will be purchased.

In addition to India’s vaccine, the China-made vaccine is also expected to ship to Myanmar earlier this year and the two countries are in talks on the matter, according to Myanmar Embassy in Beijing.

The government launched the COVID-19 funds putting $250 million and K1 billion and inviting donations from citizens and it has received K18.781 billion and $2.97 million to purchase the COVID-19 vaccine.

As of the evening of January 21, Myanmar has reported 136,166 COVID-19 positive cases with 445 new cases today. Out of the reported cases, 119,973 COVID-19 patients have recovered.

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