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Ambassador Suggests Thai Investors Look for Opportunities in Myanmar

The Thai Ambassador to Myanmar has suggested that Thai investors shift focus to the Myanmar market as more developed countries have shown a great deal of interest in the country.

Pisanu Suvanajata said Myanmar nowadays is more open to the world than it has been in the past; moreover, Myanmar politics is becoming more and more stabilised, resulting in rising foreign direct investments in the country as evinced by the fact that two Asian powers, Japan and Korea, have already shown their presence there.

“Thailand needs to seize this opportunity by investing more in its own neighbouring country,” said the ambassador.

Myanmar has also made it easier for foreign entrepreneurs by restructuring its investment policies, offering privileges and benefits as well as protection to investors.

As Myanmar has been improving its basic infrastructure and computer system, the ambassador said Thai investors have as good a chance as anyone else to be successful in Myanmar; especially in three industries: hotel, beauty and health.

Insurance sector also has potential, given that the purchasing power of the locals has been increasing steadily for the past years, he said. NNT                     

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