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Aruba to Bring Next-Gen Wireless Networks to Myanmar

California-based Aruba Networks, a provider of network access solutions for mobile enterprises, said it has teamed up with local firm United Distribution Solution Co Ltd to enter Myanmar’s wireless networks market.

Aruba, an HP company, said it aims to work with enterprises in Myanmar to build-up and strengthen their wireless networks as it projects “explosive growth” in connected device adoption.

Currently, only 1 percent of the population in Myanmar has internet access according to World Bank data. However, this is about to change as the telecommunication market is being deregulated by the government. Already, the growth in cellular subscription, which was at a mere 1 percent only three years ago, stands at 13 percent now.

“Connected and mobile device adoption is skyrocketing in Myanmar as people here get more connected to the rest of the world each day. There is a growing need by both public and private sector enterprises to better communicate and collaborate, and access information efficiently, and we are committed to help them take a wireless-first approach to connectivity,” James Chia, managing director, Southeast Asia, Aruba Networks, said.

Chia said he expects mobility trends to transform Myanmar as it further opens its doors to the outside world. “In a few short years, we will see the rise of a whole new generation of ‘GenMobile’ in the country. These will be young, upwardly mobile individuals who are accustomed to a connected lifestyle and enterprises will see a need to have robust network infrastructures in place to cater.”

Aruba Networks said it aims to offer its next-generation network solutions in Myanmar through a growing network of in-country distributors, United Distribution Solution, and local partners such as Digital Solution Myanmar, NetSmart, Global Technology, NetPro Myanmar, Myanmar Millennium Group and YMW Solutions.

It said it has already put in place a program to provide marketing and training support to these partners. They are also equipped to offer customers with 24×7 service and support, including access to critical information and software updates.

United Distribution Solution, which is the sole authorised distributor of Aruba in Myanmar, has been distributing Aruba products to local system integration firms since 2014.

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