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Authorities to Construct One More Overpass in Yangon

Myanmar transport authorities are planning to build one more overpass in Yangon in its continued efforts to overcome the daily traffic jam, local media reported.

The estimated $17-million Myaynigone overpass bridge construction project is located at one of the most traffic-congested areas in Yangon.

The flyover construction will be carried out as a special project of the Yangon Region Government in the fiscal year 2014-15, which begins in April.

The contract for the project is yet to be signed.

Despite completion of three main overpass bridges, traffic jam still remains, adding to the inconvenience of the public.

The overpasses already built are those of Hledan, Shwegondaine and Bayintnaung where traffic jam occurred almost all day round.

According to the city’s road transport administration, the number of motor vehicles operating in Myanmar stood at 3.9 million as of September 2013, including 3.347 million motorcycles, 382,816 passenger cars, 102,537 trucks and 20,504 buses.

Yangon has a population of more than 6 million and an area of 795 square kilometres.            Xinhua

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