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Bean, Pulse Exports Rise in 2014

Myanmar exported more than 1.17 million tonnes of beans and pulses in January and February this year, official data shows.

In 2012-13 fiscal year (April-March), Myanmar exported 1.5 million tonnes of beans and pulses.

Minister for commerce U Win Myint attributed the increase of the export to “rising production of the crops following a relaxation of restriction on agriculture.”

However, he warned officials of the commerce sector not to manipulate the market, stressing that collaboration is key to boosting trade and promoting market share.

In a meeting with bean and pulse traders in Yangon, U Win Myint said there are plans to negotiate with the US for the second time to secure Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) to gain tax and tariff advantages.

Beans and pulses are among the 10 major items of agricultural crops that Myanmar grows. Among them, gram, lablab bean, pigeon pea, butter bean and soya bean are cultivated most in the country.

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