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BSF to Open British International School Yangon

UK-based British Schools Foundation (BSF), the governing body of a world-wide network of British International Schools, has launched the British International School Yangon in a bid to tap Myanmar’s burgeoning education sector.

“The foundation has a long tradition of promoting quality British style education worldwide,” said Stewart Fry, chairman of the British Schools Foundation.

“We strive to ensure all the schools within the organisation stand out for the quality of education being provided, and we are determined to ensure that these qualities are reflected in our new school in Yangon from the outset.”

The British School will open in Yangon in August 2014. The campus is located close to Inya Lake on the Yangon-Insein road and will provide education for children in Early Years and Primary in the first phase of BSF’s project in Myanmar.

“We’ve recognised that there is an acute shortage of quality international style schooling here. As the need for school places from multinationals and diplomatic missions mounts our initial priority has been to open our first campus as quickly as possible,” Fry said.

In its first year, the British School Yangon will host around 100-150 students. With the move into a purpose-built facility the school expects to eventually grow to a population of more than 1000 students, BSF said.

“We are working on a purpose built facility to accommodate 1000-plus students. Further down the line as the country continues to develop we will be looking at needs in other cities,” Fry added. 

Adam Johnson, headmaster of the British School Yangon, said, “The school will follow the English National Curriculum, adapted to the schools context in Myanmar.”

He said, however, the school will “go beyond the requirements of the standardised curriculum” and provide many additional opportunities for personal development.

“Sports, music, drama and educational trips are all an integral part of the programme offered at the school.”

BSF said small class sizes allow teachers to focus on the individual needs of each pupil, and all British School Yangon teachers will have professional credentials from the UK with relevant experience in delivering the English National Curriculum. Native English speaking teaching assistants will also support each class, it added.

“The level of interest from parents has been fantastic,” said Johnson.

“The shortage of high quality international schools is apparent and we are very excited to be the first international school group in Yangon to offer the English National Curriculum.”

BSF is a UK registered non-profit organisation established for the purpose of promoting British-style education worldwide. Its network of schools is one of the largest in the world today, with 10 schools spanning 3 continents and 9 countries.

“BSF has an outstanding record of attracting highly qualified and motivated teachers, supported by the reputation of the foundation. BSY will draw on staff from our established schools to make sure quality standards are quickly embedded in the school,” said Johnson, who has 10 years of experience within the BSF as teacher, deputy Head Teacher and Headmaster.

“The hallmark of a good school is that it goes beyond the focus on academic study and emphasises the development of the character of each child. We aren’t just preparing pupils for further education but for success in life as a whole. Many BSF pupils expect to pursue highly successful careers, some even as leaders in society. We see it as our duty to ensure they leave us well prepared and with a good set of values.”

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