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Bus Companies to Install Bomb Detectors

U Nyan Tun Aung, supervisor of the Department of Aung Mingalar Express Station told Myanmar Business Today that the relevant authorities have given orders to install bomb detectors at all bus lines in the Aung Mingalar Express Station.

The relevant authorities from the station will oversee the installation, along with the police and development authorities.

“The authorities instructed us to install bomb detectors on each bus line. We will take action against those bus companies that fail to follow the instructions by fining or shutting down the bus lines. Additionally, we have also instructed them to install CCTV cameras on each bus, but some bus companies do not follow these instructions,” said U Nyan Tun Aung.

Additionally, the authorities also instructed the bus lines to carry out security checks such as inspecting luggage and other goods, said a supervisor from Mandalar Minn bus line, which is based in Aung Mingalar Express Station.

“We are carrying out the security screening by collaborating with the bus lines and relevant authorities for the safety of the passengers and vehicle. We also alert the authorities to any suspicious activity,” he said.

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