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Car Black Box Needs to Be Familiar With Myanmar

Increased traffic disputes on Myanmar’s busy roads have prompted calls for more motorists to install black boxes, in hopes of saving driver’s time and money when accidents occur.

Black boxes record information relating to car crashes, allowing accidents to be reviewed in order to determine how vehicles act in a collision.

Few motorists have purchased the devices since black boxes were imported into the country in April.

P-World Company Marketing Manager Ko Phyoe Maung Maung said installing more black boxes would help solve disputes when accidents occur on Myanmar’s congested roads.

“When accidents happen, the problem is it costs a lot of money and when people go to the police office there can be differences of opinion,” he said.

Around the world more domestic drivers are installing black boxes to improve vehicle safety.

“These devices are installed in your car and records while your driving and helps improve driver safety – more cars should have them,” U Tun Myint, whose car has a black box, said.

Black boxes are imported from South Korea and have a one-year warranty. The cost of installment ranges from K160,000 ($160) to K320,000 ($320).

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