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Community Fisheries to Preserve Fish Stocks

Community fisheries will be inaugurated in Thandwe, Gwa and Kyatetali areas of Rakhine state this month, according to the Rakhine Coastal Region Conservation Association (RCA).

“This project will benefit local fishermen while ensuring better management over dwindling fish stocks,” U Win Maung from RCA told Myanmar Business Today.

The planned community fishery projects will encourage fishermen to fish only in approved season in major breeding areas by creating smallholder businesses for fishermen to offset the loss of income during the other times of the year.

Pyo Pin, a Yangon-based local NGO, will also cooperate with RCA to implement the project.

The fisherman will receive financial support during non-fishing seasons to help with their alternative livelihood.

Implementing community fisheries will help curb the depletion of fish stocks and serve to educate the fishermen on fishing control regulations and conserving marine resources, a senior official from the Rakhine state government said.

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