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Dining out with Uncle Tah

 Last weekend I went out to do some shopping at a huge shopping centre along Pyay road. After a while, I got hungry and started looking for a good eating place nearby to satiate my hunger. Following quite a bit of searching I found a place right opposite the newly opened Korean Burger place. The restaurant is called “Daily­cious” and the sign outside the restaurant promised “contem­porary Thai food”. Dailycious looked quite nice from outside and the promise of contempo­rary Thai food was a tad tempt­ing – so I decided to give it a go.

To my delight I found that they had a very good and detailed selection of dishes for lunch and supper as well as fine dining. I decided to experiment with various dishes at the new place.

I started with Nam-prik, which has a tasty assortment of vegetables. Myanmar also has its own version of this dish called Nga-pi. You can mix it up with freshly cooked rice and start chewing the vegetables. I went for another dish called Moo or Kai Dad Deaw – deep fried marinated pork or chicken with sesame – which goes to­gether very well with cold beer.

Som-tam or papaya salad is a very common and famous Thai dish with crispy, chewy papaya, giving you a sharp taste. Along­side that I ordered Kang-keaw-wan-kai or green curry chicken as my main course. If you mix a couple of spoonful of curry with rice and add it with some Kailan-with-salted-fish the result will definitely be yummy.

If you want to go for a single dish you can select “Pad Thai” or Thai style sautéed rice noodle, a mixture of stir fried rice noodle, dry shrimp, tofu and tamarind sauce. This is probably one of the most internationally recog­nised Thai dishes.

For rice lovers, Dailycious has Kao Klug Kapi or fried rice with shrimp paste, served with vari­ous kinds of vegetable, which are used both as decoration and to create varied taste. You can mix it up with fried rice and have it along with sweetened pork or chicken. If you want things rather spicy, you might want to go for fried rice noodle with chicken and basil leaves – hot with aromas of crispy fried sweet basil leaves. The desert was also pleasantly different from other Thai restaurants in the city – just try it and you’ll realise.

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