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Electricity Key for SME Development: Entrepreneurs

In order to support the large number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country, respective government departments must make adequate electricity supply a priority, according to U Hnin Oo, deputy chairman of Myanmar Fisheries Federation.
In order to promote the SMEs, electricity plays a key role, as does transportation, U Hnin Oo said. He added that it was important that the government ensured stable electricity like it is providing in other parts of Southeast Asia, in order for the SME industry to flourish.
An estimated 90 percent of companies in Myanmar are from the SME sector, and U Hnin Oo believes that only if these industries are encouraged to develop, then the economy will grow.
“It is a major necessity to provide enough electricity for the manufacturing of high-quality products and do provide the raw materials to factories,” he said.
Entrepreneur Ko Kon Aung said, “Now it is important for laws to be implemented. Added to this issue, electric bill charges are increasing, and now it is important to formulate support for SMEs through electricity costs so that SMEs can survive as increased foreign investment comes into the country.”

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