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EU to Provide Election Aid

Roland Kobia, EU ambassador to Myanmar, said that the EU is planning to provide necessary technological aid to Myanmar in the upcoming 2015 election.

The assistance will be provided in collaboration with local and foreign associations for the purpose of a fair election in Myanmar.

“Technological assistance will be provided for a fair election in 2015. It will help Myanmar in achieving peace across the nation.       

“There have been a lot of developmental challenges in Myanmar. Necessary assistance is required for change. EU has been providing financial aid in agriculture, education and poverty reduction.”

The EU has been drafting and implementing sustainable plans for the development of Myanmar in the long term. So far, EU has helped in political, economic and social fields and also in the process of acquiring peace.

Moreover, the US has also offered technological and security assistance for the 2015 election, and their experienced specialists have come to Myanmar to provide essential training programs and security protocol regarding the election process.

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