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First Int’l Furniture Expo to be Held in Yangon

The first Myanmar International Furniture Expo will be held at Tatmadaw Hall in Yangon from February 12 to 15, the organisers said.

The expo is expected to attract about 10,000 visitors, they said.

Jointly organised by Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association (MRBEA) and the Wood Based Furniture Association (WBFA), the expo aims at creating networks among local entrepreneurs to promote their products and bringing more value-added manufacturers into the furniture industry.

About 40 exhibitors, including the governmental Myanmar Timber Enterprise, will showcase their products through more than 100 booths.

To fulfil the need of technical assistance to manufacture value-added products, both associations will try to link with non-government organisations to provide training opportunities for local employees.

The price of furniture would decrease in the future if local entrepreneurs produce value-added furniture in large quantities, an official of MRBEA said.

The MRBEA schedules two furniture exhibitions per year.

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