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Fisheries Entrepreneurs ‘Lack Tech, Knowledge’ for International Quality Export

Due to weak technology and knowledge in the breeding of livestock, most of the marine products exported by Myanmar abroad are done so as raw materials, according to sources in the industry.

Sources believe that entrepreneurs are losing a huge amount of potential income as their products lack value and if Myanmar can implement systems to improve the quality of their exported products, then the country will benefit.

“Through using technology other countries produce 500 tonnes for every one hectare of land, but in Myanmar that number is more like 10 tonnes,” said Daw Toe Nandar Tin, chairman of the Myanmar Marine Products Dealers Association. “We don’t have the necessary technology here. Many farmers here tend to use much more traditional techniques to breed their livestock and we need to change that culture if we want our exports to grow,” she added.

There are currently 130 freezer factories exporting marine products abroad, but the majority of those only export the raw materials as they do not have the necessary or technology to produce the value-added products,

Daw Toe Nandar Tin added that another problem is that many of the fish die from diseases due to the conditions in many of the breeding grounds and urged the government to help the entrepreneurs and contribute to advanced technology within the industry.

Many businesses operate their own aqua-culture ponds and cool storage facilities but many have said that costs are high, electricity power supply is inadequate and technology and knowledge are not good enough to produce international quality products.

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