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Garlic Chives Export to S Korea Shoots Up Threefold

The export of garlic chives to South Korea saw an increase of more than 200 percent in September compared to earlier months, according to data from the Ministry of Commerce.
In previous months, the export of garlic chives reached an average of 14 tonnes per month, but in September, that figure reached 44 tonnes, fetching about $1.3 million.
The product, which is also known by its Latin name Allium tuberosum, is popular in South Korea as it is often used in traditional Kimchi food.
“If the product is exported by air, 7 tonnes are sent at one time, however, if it is transported by sea, then 14 tonnes can be exported,” said Ko Phyo Wai Lin, who deals in the export of the product.
In order to export garlic chives, businesspeople must apply for licences from the Myanmar Agricultural Department, Myanmar Vegetables and Fruits Exporters Association and the Ministry of Commerce.

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