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Go-Myanmar.com: Making Travelling Simpler for Myanmar Visitors

UK-incorporated Go- Myanmar.com Ltd has officially launched its Myanmar travel website in an attempt to “simplify travelling for visitors” to the recently-opened Southeast Asian country.

The new travel website, Go- Myanmar.com, will contain updated information on places of interest, pricing, accom­modation and transportation in Myanmar to fulfil travellers’  needs for accurate and continu­ally updated information on this rapidly-changing country, Go-Myanmar.com said in an announcement.

“Until now, finding out about travel in Myanmar has involved trawling through dozens of blogs and forums, or hoping that your guide book is still correct,” said Marcus Allender, founder of Go-Myanmar.com.

“This website has been cre­ated to address that need, with a wealth of continually updated countrywide information, pho­tos and travel advice.”

All of Go-Myanmar.com is free to access, and provides for a wide range of visitors, the company said.

The website features regularly updated destination informa­tion, including the accessibility of border regions and remote parts of the country.

It has “getting there” pages for all featured destinations around Myanmar which include transport maps, timetables for air, bus, train and boat routes and online transport booking facilities.

There is also search function­ality, by location and price, for over 400 hotels and guesthous­es around the country – provid­ing phone, email and website details if available.

Go-Myanmar.com also has an information and travel tips section with advice on currency and exchange rate, telephone and internet, visas, electricity and shortages, and safe travel, among others.

The website has blogs cover­ing different aspects of the Myanmar travel experience featuring photographs and writing by Myanmar-based contributors from the UK, US, Australia, Germany and Israel, in addition to Myanmar locals.

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