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Gov’t Reduces Hassle to Get Electricity to Companies

The Ministry of Electric Power will shorten application procedures to one day to grant permission to use electricity by firms investing in the country, according to an announcement.

The application process to get electricity for household and investment firms will be finished in one day, and approval can be given within five days for any size of company.

U Aung Khaing, chairman of Yangon Electricity Supply Board (YESB), said, “The application process will be finished in one day and the permission will vary depending on the size of a firm. The permission for households and small businesses can be granted within one day, but for firms which require electrical transformers, it will still take about five days.”

An official who is assigned as a permanent representative from the Ministry of Electric Power will be tasked with providing these services at a service office in Yangon. The permission will be granted by the township department offices if the electrical load is not heavy.

The companies have to identify the location of electrical transformers and the intended usage amount in the application form, with a copy of the permission letter from the Myanmar Investment Commission.

The firms have to pledge that they will maintain the transformers and use their own generator if the electricity supply is not enough, the ministry said.

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