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Gov’t Sets Up Migrant Worker Counters at Yangon Airport

Authorities have opened an inspection counter for Myanmar migrant workers at Yangon International Airport in a bid to support the country’s migrant workers, according to the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

The purpose of the counter is to inspect the documentation of migrant workers, such as personal information, labour cards and passports of those going in or out of the country, ministry officials said.

“This counter will inspect and collect data on migrant workers with the aim of promoting legal practices among the migrant population.

“If any problem arises regarding the workers, the ministry will be able to provide more support by reviewing the data,” Daw Khin Nway Oo, director of the Department of Labor, said.

Migrant workers returning to Myanmar are also required to report to the counter and are subject to fines if they fail to do so, the ministry said.

The counter will help reduce the number of illegal migrant workers and support those seeking to work internationally through legal means, said U Soe Myint, who has worked as a welder for over three years in Malaysia.

According to the ministry, more inspection counters are set to be opened at border crossings in order to provide increased support to migrant workers.

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