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Gov’t to Issue Permits to Small Timers to Control Illegal Mining

The government is considering granting permits to small time miners through township administration levels to curb illegal mining activities, according to the Ministry of Mines.

The ministry intends to include the provision in a planned amendment current mining law, U Kyaw Thet, a director at the ministry, said, adding that necessary assessments will be conducted at the relevant state or region or township levels.

“We believe the complicated and difficult procedure in securing mining permits to be the main reason for the prevalence of illegal extractions. We are trying to expedite the process throughout the country,” he told Myanmar Business Today.

The ministry has also announced new mining concessions will be granted based on the exploration and discovery of the mining companies and the procedure is expected to result in an increased number of mining blocks.

Currently Sagaing region is where most illegal mining operations occur. In Hpakant, the largest jade producing area of Kachin state and Myanmar, mining companies are backing small time jade pickers to avoid regulations.

There are as many as 100,000 proprietors engaged in the extraction industry in Hpakant, half of whom are evading taxes, according to the ministry.

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