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IMEI number of mobile phones required to be registered

Leader of Tatmadaw Information Team, Major General Zaw Min Tun confirmed during the press conference held on 19 May that mobile phone importers will require to registered International Mobile Equipment Identity-IMEI number of imported mobile phones.

He added that this move is to prevent tax evasion on imported mobile phones and will come into effect this Month. The NLD administration started imposing taxations on imported mobile phones.

When registering the IMEI number, importer, rather than individual customers, will require to register the IMEI number, otherwise the device will be blocked from using internet.

Moreover, SAC has also raised internet charges to the rate almost doubling the original charges in December last year. In addition to sky-high internet data charges, internet access has been blocked in many areas of the country, especially in conflict areas.

IMEI number can be check by pressing *#06# on dial pad in a smart phone.


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