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Investors Eye Fish Feed Production

Japan, South Korea and Denmark are offering to produce fish foods in Myanmar, said U Ba Thaw, chairman of Myanmar Eel Farming Entrepreneur Association.

He said Denmark showed interest in producing fish foods for regular and long-finned eel and Japan also showed similar interest.

The countries also offered technical assistance in the areas of eel farming and fish feeding.

According to the Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF), those countries want to invest in the sector as they intend to produce eels and commercial fish feed that can guarantee international standards.

South Korea also offered technical assistance for long-finned eel farming, the federation sources said.

In Myanmar, long-finned eel farming are mostly done in Phyapon district of Ayeyarwaddy region and some farming is done in Rakhine state.

If foreign countries get involved in fish feed production Myanmar fisheries sector will be able to ramp up its growth, exporters said.

Also, Norway said it will support fisheries entrepreneurs to develop Myanmar’s fish and shrimp farming sector, according to MFF.

Norway’s fishery and costal development ministry will give field training to fish and shrimp farmers in the coming months, and also arrange technical training, the federation said.

Recently, MFF also invited experts from the United States to provide technical assistant for the improvement of fish farming ponds and crab breeding.

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