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Italian Firm to Deploy $51-m Myanmar Mobile Backhaul Network

Italian wireless communications solutions provider, SIAE MICROLETTRONICA, said it was hired to provide its microwave radio solutions for by a telecoms firm operating in Myanmar for the latter’s network rollout.  

Without specifying the name of the operator, the Milan-based firm said in a statement, “A leading global mobile operator is using SIAE MICROELETTRONICA microwave radio solution for building a state-of-the-art mobile wireless backhaul for a network offering HSPA and LTE services in Myanmar.”

In January, one of the two telecoms licence winner, Telenor, said it will invest $1 billion in Myanmar to set up mobile network using HSPA and LTE-ready technologies. The Norwegian firm said it plans to provide network coverage for 90 percent of the population in Myanmar within five years.

The greenfield backhaul network will mainly relay over full outdoor microwave radios, the firm said. The whole backhaul network comprises of two regions worth over $51 million and will be completed over a five years deployment period, SIAE added.

The firm said it will supply its ALFOplus Series packet microwave full outdoor solution to build backhaul network. Backhaul generally refers to the side of the network that communicates with the global Internet, paid for at wholesale commercial access rates to or at an Ethernet Exchange or other core network access location.

“This network consolidates our presence in the Asia Pacific region where we are steadily growing in several mobile networks,” Stefano Ferraresi, key sales account Myanmar, said.

“In this dynamic market our solution are highly valued thanks to the product long life span and best market power consumption performances,” he added.

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, founded by Edoardo Mascetti as Societa Italiana Apparecchiature Elettroniche (Italian Company for Electronic Equipment) in 1952, is present in over 28 countries and offers operators technological solution for microwave and millimetre wave transport, services and design.

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