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JICA Calls for Reforms to Improve Transport Infrastructure

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has urged reforming some government organisations which are in charge of the transport sector, as part of short-term measures to improve the transport infrastructure and traffic congestion in Yangon.

“The government needs to overhaul some organisations and repair traffic posts as short-term measures to reduce the traffic jam in Yangon within one year,” Shoyama Takashi, who is in charge of JICA’s Greater Yangon Urban Transport Project, said at a press conference following the completion of the first survey by the development agency.

The Japanese government has been working on the Greater Yangon Urban Development Project since 2012 alongside the Myanmar government. JICA is expected to spend $25 billion on the project, it said.

Takashi said the Yangon regional government and organisations under the ministry of rail transportation need immediate reforms.

He said some short-term measures such as the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system can improve parking and traffic situations quickly.

According to the draft of the project, JICA will build 11 bus stops for the BRT system, and are in talks to gather necessary funds.

The number of city commuters who use ferries, buses and the circular train has reached over 11 million this year due to rapid urban growth, according to some estimates. It is projected to reach about 20 million next year.

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