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Korean Auto Black Box Showroom Opens

A showroom for Korean-made car black boxes, which can record vehicle safety data and accidents in detail, was opened in Yangon.

The purpose of introducing black boxes in Myanmar is to record the detail of vehicle accidents and to review them after analysing black box data, said a spokesperson of the i3 View Black Box Showroom, which is on Waizayandar road in Thingangyun township.

Black boxes record information relating to car crashes, allowing accidents to be reviewed in order to determine how vehicles act in a collision.

As car accidents in Myanmar have been on the rise recently, introduction of auto black box can be useful for tracking vehicular safety records.

“Previously, black boxes were only used on airplanes. Now, there are many car accidents and injuries in Yangon. By installing this black box, the owner can record vehicle data and analyse them,” he said.

Increased traffic disputes on Yangon’s busy roads have also prompted calls for more motorists to install black boxes, in hopes of saving driver’s time and money when accidents occur.

Car black box can record safety data for vehicles and also its environment. The recorder has playback feature and it can also continue recording while the car is parked.

“It is good to install a black box on the car but I think it will be costly. Only the rich will be able to use it,” said Ko Zaw Gyi, a taxi driver.

Car black boxes were first brought to Myanmar in April, however, few motorists have since purchased the device. The cost of installing a black box ranges from K160,000 ($160) to K320,000 ($320).

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