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Long Overdue Archaeological Database to be Created

A database will be set up to monitor the conditions around historical and archeological sites, according to a meeting of the government sub-committee on research management.

A database needs to be created for historically significant locations to monitor the areas by collecting geological information of the designated areas and the surrounding environment, and existing data also needs to be stored systemically, the deputy minister for science and technology Dr Aung Kyaw Myat said in the meeting.

To implement international standard conservation and research methods in the UNESCO-listed heritage cities of Han Lin, Beik Thano and Sri Kestra, the necessary information should be collected and an inventory of historical buildings and items needs to be prepared. Committees will be set up to carry out fundraising and implementation activities, he said.

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism also said that Myanmar needs to conserve historically significant locations that attract tourists as part of the Myanmar Tourism Strategy, which aims to develop the industry and generate more income.

The government is also getting help from the Nepal-based International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development to develop an eco-tourism policy as part of the plan to expand the tourism industry.

Myanmar is making progress with its plan to declare 2016 a “Visit Myanmar Year,” a year-long tourism boosting campaign.

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