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Lottery to Award More Small Prizes

The nationwide Lottery was expanded to issue 1,500 additional prizes starting June 1, according to Aung Bar Lay lottery section under the Internal Revenue Department.

There were 33,759 prizes issued last May, and there will be 35,281 prizes in June, increasing the payout by 1,522 prizes.

“The expansion of prizes started this month. If we want to increase the prize money, we need to sell more tickets. So we have expanded the types of prize. The expansion of prizes is only for small prizes, the big prize will be the same as before,” said U Kyi San from the lottery section.

The lottery awards 60 percent of its earnings as prize money. To date, 2,618,176 tickets have been sold, and 33,759 prizes were awarded. June marks the 317th monthly awarding of prizes.

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