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MEP Calls Electricity Transmission Tower Tenders

The Ministry of Electric Power has invited open tenders for the design and supply of Galvanized Steel Towers for the Taung Twin Gyi – Shwe Taung 230kV double circuit transmission line, it said in an announcement.

The currency of the bid will be US dollar and quoting plan is CIF Yangon, the ministry said.

The ministry said it has “allocated funds to be used toward the cost of various projects,” and it intends “to apply a portion of the proceeds of these funds to eligible payments under the contract.”

Applications should be submitted to the ministry’s Material Planning department by 2pm on May 31. Further information can be obtained by phone at +95(0)67-410216 betwee 10am to 3:30pm.

The ministry’s another subsidiary, Electricity Supply Enterprise, also invited tenders to purchase utility poles that will be used in 230kV double-circuit line across Taung Twin Gyi to Shwe Taung.

Tender forms went on sale from March 31 at the Material Planning department of the ministry. The deadline for tender submission is by 12pm on May 30. Further information can be obtained by phone at +95(0)67-410209, +95(0)67-410282.

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