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MGMA to Provide Jobs for 30,000 Garment Workers

The Ministry of Border Affairs (MBA) is working with the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) to help 30,000 garment workers around the country to find jobs, an official said. 

The MBA program has already trained 50,000 garment workers throughout the country and successfully placed 20,000 trainees in jobs or self-employment.

The ministry is cooperating with the MGMA to find jobs for the remaining 30,000 trainees as soon as possible, U Min Thant, principle of the central training school under the ministry’s Department of Training and Education, said. 

The Department of Higher Education in Yangon region will also provide support to the program, which aims to help workers in ethnic communities around the country to find viable employment in factories in Yangon and Mandalay regions. 

The program helps trainees enter the workforce in suitable factories after providing them training in the use of modern automatic sewing machine equipment. The training program lasts for two weeks and also supplies them with the required materials and per diems to cover transportation, accommodation and other daily needs, U Min Thant said.

“Garment factories have expressed the need for thousands of workers. Basic and skilled garment workers from around the country will be trained in using modern equipment and then transferred to work places thereafter,” he added.

“We will do our best to support the development of garment workers,” a senior member of MGMA said.

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