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Ministry Bans Construction in Heritage Sites

The authorities have suspended constructions of hotels, motels, guesthouses, restaurants and industrial buildings in the country’s cultural heritage areas, according to an announcement from    the Archaeology and National Museum Department under the Ministry of Culture.

The department said constructions at the heritage sites are causing damage to the ancient sites, and that if constructions are not stopped it will take legal actions.

There have been rampant constructions of hotels, restaurants and industrial buildings in Bagan, MraukU and Innwa to take advantage of the recent surge in tourist arrivals in the country. The department has designated 46 areas in Myanmar as cultural heritage sites and laws will be enforced to control the damages to those sites, it said.

The department said constructors have to seek permission from the ministry if they plan to build any hotels or restaurants, and that the ministry will have the final say regarding awarding of the construction permit.

The ministry has also recently invited private sector players to renovate Yangon’s heritage buildings.

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