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Ministry Invites Bid to Upgrade Rail Ticketing System

The Ministry of Rail Transportation has announced an open tender from interested local individuals and companies for the installation and operation of an electronic ticketing system for Yangon’s circular and suburban train lines.

The automated system is set to cover 15 of the major stations of Yangon’s metropolitan rail network and is hoped to improve speed and management of the network.

“We are doing this to improve our service quality,” an official from the tender reviewing committee of Myanma Railways under the Ministry of Rail Transportation said.

“This is a new procedure for us and we cannot just install automated gates like you might find overseas.”

Applications for submissions will be accepted until July 14. The winner of the tender process will be awarded a three-year contract to install and operate the system.

“There will be ticket sellers, with commuters able to obtain tickets once they have paid. However, the amount of profits kept by companies will be decided in the tender process,” the official said.

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