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Ministry on Track to Implement National Single Window

Myanmar is working to implement National Single Window (NSW) system and ASEAN Single Window system import strategies, Dr Lin Aung, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, told a session of parliament.

After connecting to ASEAN Single Window, the processing of trade documents can be done at one location in any ASEAN country, simplifying the import-export process.

An executive committee with delegates all ASEAN countries has been established to implement this system.

The National Single Window system has been implemented in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are currently participating in a pilot project of ASEAN Single Window system.

“The procedures will be clear and fast when we can trade internationally using a National Single Window system. The procedures concerning laws and customs will be faster and a risk management system will be used. The administration system will become competent and transparent,” said Dr Lin Aung.

“We are trying to implement the MACCS/MCIS tax declaration system by the end of 2016. With financial support provided by the Japanese government and technical support from Japan’s Tax Department, we can implement this system. This system will pass through the National Window system and connect to ASEAN Single Window,” he added.

Currently, a system based on manual paperwork is practiced for tax declaration of exports and imports. Therefore, at least half a day is needed to complete one transaction. If an automatic declaration system and tax information system (MACCS/MCIS) is used, it will take only a few seconds, according to an official from the Tax Department.

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