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Ministry to Operate Charter Train for Tourists on Goteik Bridge

The Ministry of Railway will start operating a charter train specifically aimed at foreign tourists who want to pass over the famous Goteik Bridge in Northern Shan state.

The tourist route will be only 6 miles (10 kilometers) long, running from Naung Cho station (also spelled Nawng Hkio) to Naung Pain Station, and the train will stop for ten minutes at each end of the bridge. The whole trip will creep along for one hour and fifteen minutes.

“Normally, most foreigners take a train from Pyin Oo Lwin or Naung Cho in order to pass over the bridge, but they can’t see all the scenery from the usual passenger trains. The new trains will have an engine car, and the cars behind will be open, except for safety railings to provide an open view,” said an official from the Ministry of Railways, division 3.

The RGC-110 type train that will run along the route will be able to hold 20 passengers, and the passengers can board from Naung Cho station or Naung Pain Station for a fee of K100,000 ($98) to charter the train one way. In comparison, a train ticket from Mandalay to Lashio costs K2,400 for ordinary class, and K5,550 for upper class.

The ordinary trains leave Mandalay at 4:00am, and leave from Lashio from 5:00am, according to Myanmar Railways.

Tour companies who want to arrange the trip will have to notify Myanmar Railways three days in advance, otherwise they will have to wait for the train’s return.

The Pennsylvania-Maryland Bridge Construction Company building the bridge in 1899 and finished in 1900.  The bridge, which was opened in 1903 is 2,260 feet (689 meters) long. When completed, it was the largest railroad trestle in the world.

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