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MOC to Issue Import Licences Online in Six Months

The Ministry of Commerce is planning to issue import licences online within six months for products that do not need approval from other ministries, a ministry official said.

U Myo Khaing Win, deputy director of the IT Department of the ministry, said, “It is easier [to implement] because of approval from other ministries won’t be needed. For instance, the goods that do not need FDA clearance and other recommendations are prioritised to speed up the project. Currently, the arrangements are finished and it will be finalised after discussions with related ministries.”

Since 2004, online registration can be partially completed on Tradenet.com.mm but it cannot issue licences.

U Myo Khaing Win said there are weaknesses when it comes to the use of technology by government ministries.

“The ministries which are trying to use digital system still need to upgrade their functions. This online licence system includes a bar code system that can be checked when declaring taxes.”

The payment for each step of the online licensing system can be paid at Myanmar Citizens’ Bank. Later, it can be done at other banks using Myanmar Payment Union (MPU) cards, the ministry said.

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