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More Parking Areas Restricted Downtown

Six more road sections in Yangon have been designated as non-parking areas, according to an official.

“We are expanding the non-parking area as part of our efforts to ease traffic congestion,” U Lin Htut, chief of No.2 traffic police section head office, told Myanmar Business Today.

“The cars that park at the restricted spaces will be dealt with as per the Motor Vehicles act 1964,” he added.

Non-parking road sections were introduced in the early 2013 with 20 road sections.

The new road sections included in the non-parking area are along Thudamar road from Waibargi to Khayaypin road, along Lanthit street from Strand to Bogyoke road, along Damathukha road from Insein to Baho road, along Upper Pansodan road up to the junction with Bominyaung street, along the Myanmagoneyi street up to Thein Phyu road and along Dawtheintin street from  Banyardala to Upper Pansodan road.

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