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MPT Launches Discounted Promotional Service

State-run telecoms services provider Myanma Posts & Telecommunications (MPT) launched a one-month friends and family (F&F) campaign last week offering its clients to connect with their families at a discounted rate.

The move came only a few days before Ooredoo, one of the two foreign telecoms licence winner, launched its mobile services – becoming the first ever international service provider in the Southeast Asian country.

The friends and family special promotion campaign will run until August 31. Prepaid card users of GSM and WCDMA mobile phones will be able to register and enjoy discounts, MPT said in a statement.

When registered, a customer will be charged a one-off subscription rate of K2,500 and K25 per minute for registered numbers for 30 days after registering. One can list up to three phone numbers.

The offer is valid for only GSM and CDMA SIM card holders; MPT said it is also trying to offer the same for CDMA in the near future.

To subscribe, customers have to send a free-of-charge SMS message to 1331, typing “ADD” followed by a “space” and the desired mobile number to register for the discount.

Customers can get the promotion details from a dedicated MPT help line at 1876.

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