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Myanma Railways Invites Tenders to Clean Up Tracks

An open tender for the cleaning of Myanmar’s Yangon-Mandalay train route and Yangon’s circle trains has been invited by Myanma Railways.

The invitation had to be opened as there is currently insufficient manpower on city trains and “high-speed” trains, an official said.

“We believe that our [trains’] hygienic standards are weak and has room for improvement, so we are outsourcing the maintenance procedure. We can negotiate on what outside vendors are willing to do and how much compensation to give,” U Mya Nay Moe, a Myanma Railways official, said.

Business Owners can submit an invitation with proof of financial backing and previous cleaning and sanitation experience, such as in hotels or shopping centres, authorities said. Only Myanmar businesses will be allowed to submit tender.

U Mya Nay Moe added, “This will not be like a construction tender. For example, the tenders are open for individual train cars and it will be contracted on a monthly basis. We will check how they are performing and further tender invitations will be made.”

This new opportunity will be given on six trains on the Yangon-Mandalay route and also on 80 train cars operating in Yangon.

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