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Myanma Railways to Invite Tender to Build Dry Ports

State-run Myanma Railways will invite local and international businesses in August for an open tender to construct dry ports for the development of the local logistics sector.

The project is expected to be finished in the current 2014-15 fiscal year, which will ensure access to dry ports and containerisation for rail transport, boosting connectivity for industries engaged in import-export.

“We plan to invite tenders from local and international business in August with construction set to start in September,” told U Aung Myo Myint, deputy general manager of cargo for Myanma Railways.

Construction for dry ports are expected to be completed by May 2015, which will be followed by a planned upgrade to the railroad infrastructure in June of next year that will help accommodate container trains that run from inland depots to seaports, as well as other industrial zones.

The short-term schemes aim to develop dry ports in Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar’s major commercial cities.

The project is drafted to include six sites that include Kwae Ma, Ywarthargyi, Tanyingone, Myohaung, Myitnge, Palate stations. The potential project sites will be assessed before implementation with only two sites so far being confirmed, Ywarthargyi in Yangon and Myitnge in Mandalay.

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