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Myanmar Job Portal Fuses Online With Offline

Work.com.mm, a Myanmar-based job portal, has ventured into offline media by launching a magazine in Yangon.

The new magazine, “Myanmar Professionals Digest”, aims to give those who don’t have regular internet access to work-related content, said Work.com.mm, a subsidiary of Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), a joint venture between Germany-based venture capital firm Rocket Internet and Ooredoo.

Bennett Christian, head of marketing and communications at Work.com.mm, said, “What ‘being a professional’ means is evolving rapidly here, and we recognise the need to host a broad discussion about this change and provide access to information that helps the labour force adapt and progress.”

Internet penetration in Myanmar is low – 1.2 percent in 2013 – and while investment is being ploughed into getting people online, staying connected is difficult.

Work.com.mm said it wants to ensure that ambitious professionals have the resources they need to succeed. The company said it leveraged its online operations by releasing 7,000 print copies of the magazine throughout Yangon.

Jort Statema, Country Manager of Work.com.mm, said, “In a country like Myanmar, it’s virtually impossible to do all operations online. We believe that Myanmar Professionals Digest will support the growing workforce, and we are determined to make it accessible for as many people in Myanmar as possible.”

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