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Myanmar Lentils to Reach Europe

Myanmar will soon ship Matpe, a variety of lentil, to the European markets, said U Sai Ba Nyan, deputy chair of Myanmar Pulses, Beans and Sesame Seeds Merchants Association (MPBSMA).

“We will currently focus on the Matpe variety and primarily export those that meet the quality standards of Europe. We have gained a new market,” he said.

Myanmar produces over 1.5 million tonnes of various bean and pulse varieties per year, mainly Matpe, chickpeas, green mung beans and pigeon peas.

However domestic production of the commodity is low and the the majority of the harvest is exported.

“Myanmar earns a lot of foreign income from exporting pulses and beans. Domestic consumption is still low and we need to promote it domestically as well as expand our market reach,” U Zaw Naing, a bean and pulse trader, told Myanmar Business Today.

“As we are going to export Matpe to EU countries, it will fetch a good price provided that the quality is good. The regulators also need to try their best to solve the financial disputes that frequently arise in the industry,” he added.

India is the major destination of Myanmar’s Matpe exports, with South Korea, China and Japan being the other significant markets.

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