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Myanmar Signs Environmental Pact with South Korea

The Ministry of Environmental Conservation has signed an environmental protection agreement with the government of South Korea.

As Myanmar begins a phase of rapid economic development, the impact on the environment and local ecosystems grows due to pollution, deforestation and increasing resource extraction.

“By signing the environmental conservation contract, we can exchange environmental information and technical experiences,” said Nay Aye, director general of the Department of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.

The two sides signed an agreement to carry out environmental policies, prevent the degradation of bio-diversity and climate change. The agreements also helps share information on how to control and supervise air pollution, manage water quality control and underground water supplies and conduct environmental research.

“As Myanmar faces rapid economic development, they face increasing environmental pollution. To reduce pollution, we need conservation programmes and sound environmental policies. We want to share the good ways to reduce the environmental impact,” said the chairman of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute.

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