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Myanmar to Go Under EITI Microscope

A Multistakeholder Group composed of representatives of government, civil society and private sector said that it will make the first Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) report for Myanmar in 2016 by assessing some selected sectors of the country.

The selected sectors are oil and natural gas, mining, hydropower and forestry.

“For the upcoming report, we will prioritise the oil and natural gas and mining sectors. We will make a joint assessment with experienced international organisations in the first six months.” said U Tin Thit, an official from the group.

Moreover, the group will assess the hydropower and forestry sectors at the national level and will include the private natural resource companies.

It will classify government-run companies as government ministries in the report.

“While selecting the sectors to examine, the government side was quite hesitant to include the mining sector. We will keep assessing the sector including the management, government preparation and tax payment by the companies,” he said.

Additionally, the management of tax allocation between the regional and state governments and the central government and the impact on the social economy will also be included in the EITI pilot project.

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