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National Export Strategists Reach Out for Help

The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) will reach out to foreign and domestic agencies for financial assistance in implementing the National Export Strategy 2015-19, according to Dr Maung Aung, an advisor to the Ministry of Commerce.

“The implementation would utilise three main sources. Foreign sources that can provide financial assistance, we will request money from the national budget, and finally, private sources that will be able to help implement this project,” he said.

Currently, the strategy is regarded as a priority for the government. Respective departments are making financial calculations to confirm the exact figure needed for the project, and requests will be made to help fund the strategy's implementation.

The prioritised products are rice, legumes, oil seeds, fishery products, garments, forestry products, rubber, and travel and tourism, selected by the Ministry of Commerce.

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