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Okano Lubricants Appoints Myanmar Dealer

Japanese motor oil producer Okano has appointed local distributor Lotus Blossom Co Ltd as its official representative in Myanmar, the companies said.

“The high performance engine oil will attract car owners in Myanmar who uses Japanese cars,” Dr Soe Thu Aung, director of Lotus Blossom Co Ltd, said.

Okano Jidousha Shoukai Company, which sells engine oil and lubricants, is over 100 years old and is one of the leading motor oil producer in Japan.

Isao Okan, a representative of Okano Jidousha Shoukai Company, said: “The engine oil brands OKANO Q7 and OKANO Q8 are truly Japanese-made product and these can guarantee fully synthetic engine oil. New automobiles consuming diesel, petrol and CNG can be driven between 5,000 and 8,000 kilometres using these engine oil.”

For big cars and trucks Okano will introduce its OKANO Q9 (15W-40) engine oil in Myanmar soon, he said.

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