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Ooredoo, GSMA to Develop App for Farmers

Ooredoo Myanmar is set to develop a new mobile application which aims to stimulate the development of Myanmar’s agricultural sector during this year with the support from GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Assocition).

GSMA, a confederation of telecom companies, telecom equipment makers and solution providers, is providing its support to the Qatari operator as part of its mAgri program, which helps developing countries improve their agricultural sector.

The application will help farmers in remote areas access and share accurate information on agricultural related issues and good farming practices thus benefiting the domestic agricultural sector that provides livelihoods for 75 percent of the rural population, according to Ooredoo.

The app will help farmers access agricultural advices and turn to modern agricultural practices from conventional ones as well as share information among peers, Ooredoo Myanmar said.

It will also update the farmers with crop prices to enable them to make well-informed decisions. Ooredoo said the app is expected to act as a platform for the farmers, traders and buyers to connect with each other and share information and knowledge.

The app will provide a gateway for the rural population for information related to farming and trading as well as connect and trade with international markets, Ooredoo said.

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