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Ooredoo Tries to Step Up Game as Telenor Arrives in Yangon

Only two days after the official launch of its main private competitor, Telenor, Ooredoo has announced the latest updates to their network, focusing mainly on the expansion of their coverage and new business plans.

Ooredoo Myanmar CEO Ross Cormack claimed that Yangon now has 95 percent 3G coverage after improving previously limited-coverage areas such as Golden Valley and Chinatown, admitting that work needs to be done on northeast Inya Lake and the area south of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Chief Officer Peter K Yap announced the incoming business plans that Ooredoo has to offer for large and small businesses.

“We have covered all the needs, this is what Ooredoo business is all about,” said Yap, “… a number of propositions, we have a business package, calling and data plans we have the internet for the internet savvy, we’ve got that package.”

Oordeoo have gained a strong hold on the 3G internet market over the past two and half months without much competition, as MPT’s services for 3G internet were seen as lacking.

“Continuous 3G coverage, this is a first in Myanmar,” said Cormack.

Many in Yangon have spoken of problems when it has come to Ooredoo’s calling capabilities and 3G access complaining mostly about various black spots throughout the city, subverting Cormack’s claims of “crystal clear voice and internet access wherever there is coverage.”

“It’s been a challenge to build in areas where people want or need coverage, it’s often hardest to get it,” Ross said at the press conference.

When asked if Ross had tried a Telenor SIM card he stated that even though they had been paying a lot of attention to their competitors, their main focus is their customers.

“All competition is very important for at least two aspects. Firstly, it’s great for customers having a strong set of competitors; it means that customers get what they want. It’s good for us too because it keeps us on our toes and keeps us refreshing our ideas, coming up with innovative strategies for customers needs.”

With both companies offering K1,500 SIM cards and similar services it leaves many wondering who will overtake whom.

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