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Pig Farmers Fret High-Tech Competition

Dr Than Hla, advisor to Myanmar Livestock Federation, said that the federation attended a meeting in Thailand to negotiate with other ASEAN countries to set standards for pork trading within the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Officials from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines attended the meeting, which was held last month in Thailand. The parties discussed the technologies required for pig farming and the obstacles for livestock companies in AEC.

“Currently, other countries are implementing AEC. In Cambodia and Thailand, they are engaged in pig farming and pork production. This is also happening in Vietnam and Cambodia. For our country, we can only export pork to Mizoram in India through the town of Kalay,” said Dr Than Hla.

There were also 31 US livestock teams that attended the meeting. According to the federation, pig farmers in Myanmar are unable to expand their businesses as they are afraid of diseases. In the current situation, the supply is deemed “good enough” for local demand.

On the local market, one viss (1.65 kilogram) of pork in pig farm costs around K4,300 to K4,600 ($4.2-4.5) and the market price is around K6,500 to K7,000 per viss.

While other countries carry out pig farming in high-tech farms, the pig farming business in Myanmar is still carried out in a traditional way, the federation said.

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