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Sand and Stone Industries Thrive as Brick Begins to Sink

The sand and stone markets have performed well in early 2014 as government and private constructions as well as apartments and housing complexes continue to thrive in Myanmar, sources in the industry say.

According to construction accessory businessmen U Kyaw Kyaw and Ko Than Htay, while sand and stone have seen a rise in popularity for the construction of buildings and properties, demand for brick has seen a slight fall.

“The prices for bricks at construction accessory shops around Yangon has dropped because there is so much of it available. However, sand and stone orders are high, particularly outside of Yangon,” said Ko Than Htat, who added that a high amount of demand for sand and stone comes from Thanintharyi Region in Myanmar’s south and close to the border with Thailand.

He added that, due to the brick market being seasonal, many brick traders manufacture the product in bulk, which leads to a fall in the price of the product.

The price for units of pricks has fallen from K125 each to K115 given the current climate.

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