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Semiprecious Gems Mine Found in Chin State

A Sagaing region-based mining and construction company, En-Jin Trading Co Ltd, has found a semiprecious stone mine in Falam township in Chin state, the company said.

The departments concerned have approved the semiprecious stone, Lal Ram Pana, managing director of En-Jin Co Ltd, said.

“We have informed the authorities of our findings. We hope to receive the mining permission soon,” said Pana.

The mine contains chrysoprase, also known aschrysophrase or chrysoprasus, a gemstone variety of chalcedony – a cryptocrystalline form of silica – that contains small quantities of nickel. Its colour is normally apple-green, but varies to deep green. The darker varieties of chrysoprase are also referred to as prase.

Chrysoprase are usually used to decorate homes, and is sold for about K20,000 ($21) per viss [1 viss = 1.65 kilograms]

Unlike many non-transparent silica minerals, it is the colour of chrysoprase, rather than any pattern of markings, that makes it desirable.

The best known sources of chrysoprase are Queensland in Western Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Arizona and California in the US, and Brazil.

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