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South Dagon Industrial Zone’s Power Supply Restored

Authorities have restored electricity supply fully at Ward 64 of South Dagon Industrial Zone, the South Dagon Industrial Zone Management Committee said last week.
In 1996, the government established Ward 63 and Ward 64 of Dagon Myothit (South) township as an industrial zone to accommodate the small and medium enterprises in those wards.
At the time of establishment, the industrial zone was fully supplied with electricity, however, cyclone Nargis devastated the infrastructure severely in 2008.
Over 1,200 industries are operating in the industrial zone, according to the industrial zone management committee.
The Industrial Zone Electrification Sub-Committee and Yangon City Electricity Supply Board (YESB) jointly carried out electrification tasks for the zone and electricity supply was fully restored on October 19, a statement said.
A plan is underway to supply electricity to Ward 63, according to the electrification subcommittee.

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