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Govt to provide social welfare pension to senior citizens over 85 years of age

The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement has invited senior citizens over 85 years of age to apply for financial assistance.  This program aims...

Govt Order Micro-financiers to Waive the Due Repayment until April 

The Microfinance Businesses Supervisory Committee has issued a notice ordering Microfinance companies to waive the loan repayments, both interest and capital, due in November...

Minister of Commerce Calls for Precautions to Mitigate Impact on Trade

Even though the country's trade seems to be mildly impacted by the COVID-19 last fiscal year, the Union Minister of the Ministry of Commerce...

Global gold price eased, but the local prices show no reflection

The local gold market saw only a slight price fluctuation without reflecting the global gold market where the gold price dropped. The global gold price...

Real Estate Market Sees Very Few Buyers

Yangon Real Estate Market is sluggish with more selling offers in contrast to very few buyers during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to real estate...